Remembering John Barry

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The composer of 11 James Bond films also won five Oscars for his work on films including Dances With Wolves and Out of Africa. Join Edmund Stone and reminiscences from colleagues who worked with John Barry.

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  1. Daniel Varadi

    Hello again, Mr. Stone. You were kind enough to provide the link to this sensational episode featuring the wonderful film music of the late and great John Barry. I completely forgot that he was the composer of the score for Dances with Wolves….I get teary eyed just thinking of that film, and it would not be the case if if it wasn’t for the Barry score. I made an online purchase of the soundtrack as I was sitting here listening!
    I was however, slightly disappointed that you neglected to feature my favorite of Barry’s work, namely the lesser-known 1979 Disney Film, THE BLACK HOLE. The theme as well as “Six Roberts” are excellent examples. Perhaps it can resurface in a future broadcast, for which I’m sure you can choose an appropriate theme…perhaps “lesser known space fantasies” or something or other…
    Either way, thank you again for your wonderful broadcasts!

    Dan in Seattle


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