Stone Reads Poe: “The Raven” and “The Tell Tale Heart”

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Edmund Stone reads two classic tales by Edgar Allen Poe.

The art of storytelling is something that we’ve cherished since people first gathered around a fire by their caves. Over the millenia, the stories have changed, but not our love of a well-crafted tale. At this time of year, as Halloween approaches, tales of the supernatural, of ghosts and ghouls get us together once again as we feel the icy chill of the wind… and perhaps something more… tingling our spines. In my weekly broadcast of “The Score” it’s my pleasure to show you how music enhances storytelling through the movies. In my next blogs I will be returning to the ancient art of story telling with two classic tales by Edgar Allen Poe, just right for the season.

These stories are short, The Tell Tale Heart is 19 minutes, and the narrative poem The Raven 10 minutes long. I hope you’ll share these with your family and friends. If you’re an educator, perhaps you’ll want to enjoy these with your students. I invite you to forward this link to anyone who likes a good tale, and a good scare…


The Tell Tale Heart


The Raven

3 Responses to “Stone Reads Poe: “The Raven” and “The Tell Tale Heart””

  1. Buffy

    Masterful storytelling, Mr. Stone. I really enjoyed listening to your mellifluous and deceptively dulcet tones.

  2. Andy Kliene

    Thank you Edmund. Almost as would Vincent Price, just softer.

    Your friend who listens to “The Score” on WBAA.


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